Workshop: « Like a Rolling Marble: Waddington vibrant legacy, and beyond »

A 2-day workshop organised at IXXI to discuss the legacy and the derivatives of the epigenetic landscape concept introduced by Waddington in the 1940s

8 brillant speakers from different fields (biomathematics, physics, cell biology, genetics, philosophy, history of science, and an artist) and a roundtable.

Lyon, November 7-8

Free but mandatory registration

Prix de Thèse Systèmes Complexes 2024

CSS/France et ses partenaires attribueront six prix de thèse en 2024 pour les docteurs 2023 et 2023. Mini-colloque et présentation les 19 et 20 Septembre à l’IXXI.

[2024/06/06-07] Bridging Theoretical and Empirical Approached to the Study of Social Dynamics

June 6-7 2024 ; Call for contribution Apr. 22 2024. This workshop aims to foster exchanges among specialists of different disciplines, who study social phenomena either theoretically or empirically.